Paratexts of the Bible

Paratexts of the Bible

Manuscript Data

In the course of the project several hundred gospel manuscripts have been analyzed and described. Most relevant data are immediately publicly accessible (“open access”). They are included in the database “Pinakes”.

Individual manuscripts can be found via “Recherche… d’un manuscrit”. If the description is done by the ParaTexBib team, it is marked by “Equipe référente: ParaTexBib” at the top of the page. Here is an example:
Vat. Urb. gr. 2:

Texts/works („oeuvres“) can be found via “Recherche croisée”. However, there is no specific marker for ParaTexBib material.

In the future the data will be more fully accessible and more specifically visualized in our own Public User Interface. In particular this includes links to manuscript images in the “New Testament Virtual Manuscript Room” for every single item of the descriptions.

At this stage, manuscripts can be visualized independently there (“Manuscript workspace”). Many paratextual features are marked by “feature tags” and, where appropriate, by “region boxes”. As an example, the same manuscript as above in NTVMR:

(Attention: images of some manuscripts are visible only to registered users.)